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Etti Odd Pear Socks. -36-40 / 36-40 / 36-40 / 36-40

Etti Odd Pear Socks. -36-40 / 36-40 / 36-40 / 36-40

Even though we‰۪re known for makin‰۪ kick-ass fun socks, we realised we had to do something pretty special to celebrate our birthday, so here it is‰Û_we made Etti. We fused a heck load of fun with a truckload of ‰ÛÏI woke up like dis‰۝ to create the most awesome Pear of socks to celebrate turning two. Two can you believe it?! This ain‰۪t just any old beautiful sock, Etti are super fun socks, specifically made for dancing in fancy shoes and eating your bodyweight in confetti cake. Honestly, they are like a party for one on your feet! Listen, take it from the experts, while we made these socks to celebrate our birthday, they really just are the perfect Pear to get low with and boogie in. So grab a Pear of Etti and turn that Justin up!


78% Combed Cotton, 20% Nylon, 2% Elastane. Free shipping worldwide on orders over $50 AUD. Unisex socks. For men still coming to terms with the 21st century it means these socks can be worn as "mens socks" AND "womens socks". Yes, our audacity lvl is 99.


Our socks come in two sizes: 36-40 and 41-46. These are European sizes but roughly translates to small and large.