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Dusko Odd Pear Socks. -36-40 / 36-40 / 36-40 / 36-40

Dusko Odd Pear Socks. -36-40 / 36-40 / 36-40 / 36-40

For an understated, simplistic look, these pink socks deliver. The Dusko is the perfect Pear for anyone who doesn‰۪t give a damn what people think, they know they look fly and they know they gettin‰۪ dat promotion at work next week. For the guy looking to impress, match these beauties with a classic dark suit for a confident, mysterious look, or for the gal that wants to keep it simple but chic then this might be the perfect Pear for you. We don‰۪t believe that colours should separate gender, and these beauties don‰۪t either. So when you‰۪re ready to show the world how strong your pink socks game really is, grab a Pear of Dusko and come kick it with the team, you can totally sit with us.


78% Combed Cotton, 20% Nylon, 2% Elastane. Free shipping worldwide on orders over $50 AUD. Unisex socks. For men still coming to terms with the 21st century it means these socks can be worn as "mens socks" AND "womens socks". Yes, our audacity lvl is 99.


Our socks come in two sizes: 36-40 and 41-46. These are European sizes but roughly translates to small and large.