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Wav Odd Pear Socks.

Wav Odd Pear Socks.

If Joy Division's music made love to a Zebra, they would create socks like Wav, which bring us unknown pleasures. Ha. But seriously, we love that these socks kind of remind us of the rings on trees, and that they are subtle, yet fun. If you're in the market for a simple, rad, sock to kick around town in, be your wingman at pretty much every gig and wear until they are so smelly you start melting the whiskers off sewer rats, then we've got the Pear for you. Wav is the ultimate chiller, loads of fun and can make a really mean cook-up for those day when you just can't get out of bed. Well, they would if they were animate anyway.In the meantime you'll just have to settle for knowing that your socks are probably going to be cooler than you, and we're not even sorry about it.


78% Combed Cotton, 20% Nylon, 2% Elastane. Unisex socks. For men still coming to terms with the 21st century it means these socks can be worn as "mens socks" AND "womens socks". Yes, our audacity lvl is 99.


Our socks come in two sizes: 36-40 and 41-46. These are European sizes but roughly translates to small and large.