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  • Simple Silver for your lovely lady.

    We have a range of jewellery at the store that I have been known to describe as "brilliantly inoffensive!" What do I mean when I say this? I mean that it is simple, classic and beautifully designed. I mean that this Christmas you'll get it just right, and your mum or your lady/friend won't hide it in the bottom drawer, or wear it exclusively to catch ups where she knows she will see you.

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  • Some suggested presents for your man friend.

    Does your man friend consider himself a MacGyver-esque fix it type? Perhaps this multi-tool that slips over an existing key would be a great addition to his skill set. It contains separate functions for tweezers, medium screwdriver, eyeglass screwdriver, nail file, fingernail cleaner, thread cutter, tweezers, and a bottle opener.


    Or is he a hipster who insists he's worn flannos since before they were cool? Perhaps he needs a stubby holder that will match his attire. These "flanno freakers" fit over any can or bottle. Who doesn't love to team dress during the festive season (and insulate their drink), am I right?


    Likewise, he (and your lovely self) might like to brew some beer to put in to the flanno freaker (holistic health etc. etc.) and you might like to give him 500 helpful tips, in a beautiful hard backed book, so that the harvest is plentiful, and tasty for all.


    But if Whiskey is more the flavour? This artwork by Alexis Winter, Single Malt Sailor may do. We like to frame (in a purely non criminal way) any of the prints from our Art Print section of the store. We have a 24 hour turn around, ca-razy ease. Come in and chat colour schemes or contact us here to mount your case (work).


    Lastly, Veggie Gardening. Turn that earth!!!! These "how to cards" by Little Veggie Patch co. could have you reaching out of the kitchen window for Bruschetta by New Year! All of the how to's, the must do's, the fertilising poo's... can be found in this deck of knowledgable cards. Roll up the flanny, you're welcome.


    Final lastly, who doesn't like a babe in a bow tie...


    or Cufflinks. How extravagant. A shirt that needs cufflinks.. You've made it.


    We have a little bit of everything! Merry Christmas. Love your man and love him well.

    Click on links for direct access to each product (all will be in store Dec 1st (or before) but pre orders -starting now, via the website will be given priority.)

    Peace and Love. TDC  XX

    (I got married this year and The Design Court is more like The Dunc and Court these days... together we hope that we can help you, connect with you, tell you all about our veggie garden and generally share in a local community who appreciates thoughtfulness, and thoughtfully designed product and gift giving... the TDC dream. x)






  • Artist Snapshot of Alexis Winter.

    Alexis Winter is a creative based in Melbourne, Australia. She's really funny and quirky and kind. I know, because we went to school together, and she always hand delivers her work to the store.



    Alexis has explored some really fun projects based around her love of illustration. One of my favourites being the year that she drew a portrait of a different talented friend each week. "Things My Friends Do" was particularly gorgeous, as it made you think about how vast and diverse humans are (even within one friendship group!) How different our interests can be, and in the end, how different our jobs, pass times or things that we create will be. Check out the project here.

    All in all, we feel really lucky to carry a range of Alexis' prints and cards. She is the perfect example of the independent and innovative design that we hope to support through the store. Heck, she even has a break up card that will bring a smile to the loneliest heart. She must be a good egg.

    Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 6.27.29 pm


    We prefer face to face pop ins at the store, because we do love to chit chat and cuddle. But if you can't make it in, you can find a range of Alexis' work in the Art Print section of the online shop!


    In summary, this is a snapshot of a talented groover.

    Love, TDC.


  • Gift Guide for Little Boys at The Design Court.

    Little boys are so wonderfully entertaining. They do things like run in to my store and yell "My GOODNESS look at your groovy shoes!" They constantly ask to climb the stairs to my studio (thinking that it is unknown wonderland, and not just a mess of fabric and bookwork.) They point at art work and say "DINOSAURS... ROOOOOAR!" and they peer over my desk with wide eyes, asking "What's that? What are you doing? Mum, what is she making?"

    Long story short, here are a couple of the products from The Design Court that I would buy an excitable young boy. 

    Cue presents for toddler boys 101:

    DIY Hat Making Kit. 

    This kit comes with 4 hats; a headdress, pirate hat, flower wreath and crown. Along with water colour paint and elastic for the finishing touches. I think in an age of video games and touch screen entertainment, there is a valid and wonderful place for hands on, creative, DIY gifts for kids. 


    Belle and Boo Art Prints. 

    As one Mother said to me this week "When they grow up and want One Direction posters on their walls, I can keep this precious work. They will always be special."


    We have a range of framed and unframed pieces in the store, and with a 2 day turn around, can organise custom framing on your behalf. Let us help you match your walls, your furniture and your home colour palette!

    Jelly Sandals.

    While Christmas in summer can impede on the roast meal, it is the perfect time for gifting jelly sandals. We stock the original brand, made in France, and ready for Boxing Day at the beach.


    Geometric Shorts.

    I don't fee like these need much spruiking. They are awesome. They are comfortable. They come with matching t-shirts! BUT sizes are limited.

    Call the store and we can gladly organise postage/holding stock for you.



    Temporary Tattoo Card.


    If there is ever a time for special types of fun, Christmas is it. This card has temporary tattoos that can be cut off the front and applied to eagerly waiting limbs.

    Whale Cushion.

    Soft. Designed in Melbourne. Ethically Produced. Whale-wouldn't-you?


    That's all from Willy the Whale and myself today. We hope it helped! But either way, enjoy your Christmas and your wonderful little men, if you are lucky enough to have them brightening your days, complementing your shoes and turning the every day in to something very exciting. What a blessing.

    All of our love. XX


  • Finders Keepers Melbourne!

    It is indeed that wonderful time again. Finders Keepers Melbourne is on this weekend!


    We debuted our label Courtney Elise with the last market and we are super excited to be back again!


    Hope to see you there. x Court.

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